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DevOps101 with SaltStack: Because salt goes EVERYWHERE

I by all means am not a system administrator or SCM guy or DBA guy or whatever. I call myself Developer vulgaris. Still, I'm used to find myself in position I have locally working solution and little or no clue how the heck to get it out in window. Should I just throw it to support guys and let let them handle that? Throwing code at admins Image source

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Summarizing My Play Framework experience

Play Framework 2x is getting a lot of attention lately. Since I had recent first hand experience using Play framework for java developers to develop small web application, I decided to summarize my thoughts and concerns in the form of blog entry.

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Learning clojure easy way: first steps 0++

The Pragmatic Programmer (which is shamefully put in my all time growing read list) advises us (through forums, stackoverflow posts like this since I haven't read it yet) to learn new concepts, broaden our thinking and expand our vision by learning new stuff, particularly by learning every now and then new programming language.

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Python Playground Part 2: Deploying Flask app on Ubuntu (nginx, uwsgi, supervisor, git)

This is a followup on my previous post on building and getting up and running small online image placeholder generator service -

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Python playground: Minimum Viable Product experience

Disclaimer: This is one of the 'My adventures in Python world' stories. This post is first one in MVP experience series.

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