Coding paradigm: line by line all my opinions are belong to me

I like to code and I like the feeling of code lines coming out of my fingertips. I try to build the simplest and most usable solutions to make awesome.

I live and work in Riga, Latvia and spend my days making kick ass things at Galeo Consulting.

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Let's encrypt automatic renewal procedure

Today I learned how to use Let’s encrypt certificate program to automatically and periodically renew HTTPS/SSL certificates at @Galeoconsultig. I hear you loudly wondering “Why?”. The reason is the Let’s encrypt initiative provides you free of charge certificates with limited lifespan. At the moment of writing the certificates are valid for 3 months. To update them manually would the pain; hence the automation ant this post.

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TIL, Today I Learned

TIL or Today I Learned are series of mini-notes I’m intending to capture during my daily routine.

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The SWEET flavour of Rust (presentation)

I accidentally ended up presenting about Rust at Latcraft’s March event (the event was devoted to Rust, GoLang and Erlang).

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AWS How to - CloudWatch monitoring scripts over HTTPS proxy on Ubuntu Linux (12.04 LTS)

The subject says it all: small intro into WTF? is Amazon CloudWatch and small how to setup and use Amazon CloudWatch monitoring scripts over HTTPS proxy on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS.

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DevOps101 with SaltStack: Because salt goes EVERYWHERE

I by all means am not a system administrator or SCM guy or DBA guy or whatever. I call myself Developer vulgaris. Still, I’m used to find myself in position I have locally working solution and little or no clue how the heck to get it out in window. Should I just throw it to support guys and let them handle that? Throwing code at admins Image source

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